Tree Works

Tree Works

We offer a wide range of tree consulting services: tree assessment (TRAM Form 1 / Form 2), pruning, removal; more than 1/3 of the team members are qualified as arborists or tree climbers

We provide all kinds of tree consultancy services. Our registered arborists and registered tree climbers are ready to offer professional advice on tree maintenance and carry out related works:

  • Conduct tree survey, tree risk assessment
    including Tree Risk Assessment and Management Arrangement (TRAM) Form 1 & Form 2

  • Prepare professional report, pointing out possible risks and follow-up recommendations

  • Pruning, removal, transplanting 

  • Disease and pest control

  • Greening design and seed selection

▍General Process

  1. Arborist to conduct tree survey to assess the condition of trees

  2. Writing technical proposal reports

  3. Upon acceptance of the proposal, the work will be performed by an arborist or tree climber

  4. Supervise and follow up on project progress

  5. Periodic inspections and reports are available upon request